Leslie D. Fierro

I am a bilingual Child Development Specialist, Doula and Parent Educator. I have been working in the Child Development field 28 years. I am also an experienced therapeutic educator.


I am well versed and accredited in evidence-based curriculum for parent education, prevention, trauma informed care and intervention strategies with children with developmental disabilities, and I have worked in reunification and child-abuse prevention programs. I have led mentoring programs for childcare providers in the central Texas area.


My formal education is in Psychology, with a major in Developmental Psychology. Early in my career, I helped develop a parent education guide for at risk families with an expert work group at Berkeley University. I am a credentialed Texas Early Intervention Specialist and formally trained as a Touchpoints trainer through the Brazelton Institute. The Institute is based in the Division of Developmental Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital, which is an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School.  

I have built relationships and partnered with other community agencies through outreach and advocacy for families needing support in raising their children.

What Drives Me?

What drives me are little humans who are navigating their world as they go through the process of development, one milestone at a time. Not all milestones occur at the exact time we expect them to. Sometimes children need more guidance and stimulation to reach these milestones. This is what drives me. Observing and getting to know the child and what experience they are bringing to their developmental plan (Trajectory). When a child is lagging behind in their development, I believe in collecting enough information, observing and developing strategies to get the child back on track.

I believe supporting parents and caregivers with strategies to promote developmental success. As well as partnering with families when there are concerns and helping support their child.

Parents are the Experts of their Child

As the invited team member to the child’s support system, I bring my expertise in child development, early intervention and assessment, along with very honest and realistic strategies in working alongside the family. I believe if all the people in the life of the child work as a team, the results are more profound. Parent participation is vital when supporting a child’s development. While I am technically, a certified parent educator, I like to call myself a parenting strategist. In my experience, parents need strategies, support and yes, at times, education.


Leslie Fierro

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